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  马克·吐温,美国作家、演说家,美国批判现实主义文学的奠基人,下面是女友网小编给大家整理的mark twain 生平简介英文,供大家参阅!

  mark twain 简介

  Mark Twain, American writer, orator, the real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens. "Mark Twain" is his pen name, which was originally used by the Mississippi sailors to indicate the depth of water measured on the fairway. Representative works are novels "million pounds", "Huckleberry Fein adventure", "Tom Sawyer Adventures" and so on.

  Mark Twain at the age of 12, his father died, he had to stop, to the factory as a small worker Later he changed a lot of occupation, had done the Mississippi River navigator, miners and journalists work. Gradually began to write some interesting pieces, began his own writing career. He died on April 21, 1910, and was buried in Emma, New York.

  Mark Twain wrote a large number of works, themes related to novels, scripts, prose, poetry and other aspects. From the content, his works criticize the irrational phenomenon or the ugliness of human nature, expressed the right of the workers and sailors who have a strong sense of justice and the concern of ordinary people; from the style that the experts And the average reader thinks that humor and satire are his writing features. He experienced the United States from the initial capitalist to the development of imperialism, its ideas and creation also showed from the joking to the spicy satire and then pessimistic stage of development, early to spicy irony, to the late language is more exposed The

  Mark Twain is the founder of American critique of realism literature, and his main works have mostly Chinese translations. In 2006, Mark Twain was rated by the authoritative journal of the United States, "Atlantic Monthly" as the impact of the United States 100 characters 16

  mark twain 人物经历

  November 30, 1835, Mark Twain was born in the United States, Missouri, Florida, rural poor lawyers family. He is the sixth of seven children in the family. His father is a local lawyer, income is meager, family constraints. Mark Twain had to work while attending school. He died at the age of eleven years, and from then on he began an independent labor life, first in the printing plant as an apprentice, served as dispatchers and typists, and later on the Mississippi River as a sailor and helmsman.

  In the autumn of 1839, Mark Twain moved to a port of the Mississippi River in Hannibal, Missouri, which became his later book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and "The Curse of Juveniles" St. Petersburg city inspired. At that time, Missouri was the federal slave state, and the young Twain began to understand slavery, which became the subject of his later adventures. Mark Twain is a color blind, which aroused his humorous jokes in social circles.

  March 24, 1847 Mark Twain's father John Clemens died of pneumonia. In 1847, the family of the young Mark Twain began to do the printing apprentice, newsboy, typist workers, sailors, gold rush workers, journalists and so on.

  In 1851, Mark Twain became a typist worker, and also contributed, and began to his brother Oliver founded the "Hannibal magazine" (Hannibal Journal) to write a draft.

  May 1, 1852 in Boston's humorous weekly "handbag" published his debut "the colonists surprised the playboy."

  In 1858, Mark Twain returned to Missouri. In the next Mississippi River to New Orleans on the road, the ship's navigator "Bisi than" to Twain life as a ship navigator.

  In 1861 Oulai Si was sent by President Lincoln to the Western Nevada government as secretary, he went with, trying to operate in the wood industry and mining wealth, are unsuccessful, then turn to write articles for a living. 1862 worked in a newspaper in the city of Virginia in Nevada.

  In 1863, began using the "Mark Twain" pen name.

  In 1864, in San Francisco met humor writer Ah Ward and novelist Bu Hart, get their encouragement and help, improve the writing skills.

  1865 in a New York magazine published a humorous story "Caravelas County famous jump frog", so that he is famous throughout the country. Afterwards often write humorous articles for the press.

  1866 to Hawaii Island interview.

  In 1867, a local newspaper provided a boat trip to the Mediterranean region. During his journey to Europe and the Middle East, he wrote a series of famous travel letters "fool travels" that were collected in 1869. In the meantime, he met Charles Langdon and saw the picture of Langdon sister Olivia Langdon, and Twain loved her at first sight.

  In 1870 Mark Twain married New York a daughter of the capitalist, Olivia Langdon. Married living in Buffalo, their own editor issued "Express", a year after the loss of money due to excessive transfer.

  Published in 1872 "hard years" a book, reflecting his new development in the western region of the life experience, which recorded some anecdotes, especially the rich characteristics of the western United States humorous story.

  In 1873 he and Charles Werner co-wrote the "gold-plated era", is his first novel.

  In 1871 Mark Twain moved his family to Hartford, Connecticut, where he became a famous writer and a humorous speaker. After a few years is his harvest of the harvest era.

  In 1875 Mark Twain wrote about William Dean Howells, author of the Atlantic Monthly. He wrote seven articles in the early years on the Mississippi River as the subject of the helmsman, and wrote a book, "The Past of the Mississippi River." Eight years later, he returned to his hometown, expanding the book into the "Mississippi River" (1883).

  In 1876, the novel "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" was published. Although it is a small town on the Mississippi River as a background of the juvenile reading, but for any age readers love. The book of naughty Tom and his partner Huckleberry Finn and Tom's girlfriend Baker's Thatcher's many stories, many of the author's personal experience, there are many children's psychological interesting plot.

  In 1876 Mark Twain's other important novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, began writing in 1884. This novel has been highly praised by critics, by domestic and foreign readers

  Of the welcome, but also continue to be banned.

  In 1889 Mark Twain published the "Connecticut American Americans" on the "King Arthur's court," and the "prince and the poor" (1881) were satirical feudal and religious novels based on the British as the background.

  In 1894, Mark Twain wrote "The Fool Wilson", which shaped the image of a struggling female niggarox. Before and after this family, his family was unfortunate: two daughters died of illness, his wife's health also deteriorated; he invested in the manufacture of automatic typewriter failure and bankruptcy. In order to pay off his debts, he traveled to Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, India and South America.

  1896 published "Joan of Arc", it describes the 15th century French national hero hero Joan of Arc's life.

  1897 was written as "equatorial travel", which satirizes and condemns the imperialist oppression of the colonial people, against imperialism as the central idea of his subsequent creation.

  In 1898 Mark Twain paid off all the debts.

  In October 1900, after nearly ten years of leaving the United States living in Europe, he and his family returned to the United States, warmly welcomed and became the leader of the literary and art circles.

  After 1900, many of the works published, the edge has not yet cut.

  In 1904, his wife died in Italy. Mark Twain entered the final stage of the career. His early works such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" have already expressed pessimism about "mankind" (indeed for the proletariat), and at this time became the subject of some of his works. (1906), the story of "mysterious visitor" (1916) and so on are reflected in the novella "Destroyed Hadley Fort" (1900), prose "how is it?" The most important work of his later years is his dictation, by his secretary transcribed "autobiography".

  April 21, 1910 Mark Twainin died of narrow heart disease.

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